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Group Cross Training Sessions

Our Group Cross Training sessions are structured to guarantee results.  If you want to lose weight, gain strength, and get fit; our Cross Training will safely get you there. Sessions are designed for maximum results without the common injuries often associated with similar training programs.  If you can go from the floor to a standing position, walk or jog without pain; our program is guaranteed to work for you.  Our instructors have degrees in Exercise Science and Physical Education with combined experience of almost 100 years.


Safe, time efficient training guaranteed to bring remarkable results in 3 months or less!

Member Price = $59 per month       

Non-member Price = $129 per month          

Free Saturday Session (9am Must be 18+ years old)

Group Cross Training Sessions:

(each session lasts 35 to 45 minutes)



​6:00am & 12:10pm



​​6:00am & 12:10pm



​6:00am & 12:10pm




Open to Everybody 

18+ years old

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