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Member Update: 

To all of you, I sincerely miss saying hello and goodbye each day to the incredible individuals that courageously 😊 walk through our doors (and sometimes crawl out).

We are continuing to work for you during this mandated closure! The facilities are being scrubbed, painted and prepped for your return. The cross-training aka HIIT Annex remodel is completed and includes new HIIT equipment guaranteed to fry some fat. Additionally, our amazing instructors and trainers are providing workouts on our Facebook page to keep you active and healthy while homebound. 


Membership dues:

Because each membership is uniquely different, globally changing individual membership status is an impossible processing nightmare, complicated more by the coordination required from our 3rd party membership vendor. Therefore, I have chosen to handle each membership change upon request. It is not my intention to cause any additional financial harm or stress during these tough times so in the event I am unable to process your request that second, I promise to respond to it as fast as humanly possible. 

To the 100’s of members that have reached out and instructed us to continue their membership dues I am incredibly thankful for your support.

To do our part and support our current members that have lost their job due to COVID19 upon reopening we are providing up to 3 months of free membership for those who cannot afford it.

Use contact info below & let us know.

Upon request and reopening, membership dues paid after March 20th will be credited forward towards the upcoming month.

Upon request memberships may be placed on a freeze for one or more months and will reactivate on the next scheduled payment date upon reopening. Some of these memberships may have to be adjusted and prorated accordingly when normal operations resume. These options will be discussed with members on an individual basis.

Upon request memberships can be cancelled by contacting us 5 days prior to the next payment date which may be on the 5th-13th-20th or the 27th of the month. Cancellations received after the 5-day window will be immediately refunded after the transfer clears our bank. 


If you have any questions about your membership contact us at:

Phone: 541-673-0555  

We are here Monday thru Thursday from 11am to 3pm or leave a message!




We got this…

Alan - 

Member Update

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